Welcome To The Angela Grant School Of Dance

Angela GrantAngela Grant is one of a trio of performing sisters; the others are Rebecca Grant (Holby City) and Rachel Grant (Die Another Day). She was trained from an early age at Elmhurst Ballet School and then at the London Studio Centre. She started teaching ballet overseas in 1998 and opened the Angela Grant School of Dance in West London in 2003.


The Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus

The Royal Academy of DanceAt the Angela Grant School of Dance, we believe that children respond positively to learning ballet in many different ways. Children intuitively enjoy expressing music through dance – that’s the fun bit!  However, we aim to educate as well as entertain and to that end we set clear goals.


STRETCHWORK classes for teenagers and adults


Stretchworks combines controlled stretching and strengthening exercises with beneficial breathing techniques. Correct stretching gives a unique contribution to well-being and is a wonderful blend of exercise and physiotherapy. Classes are taught by Angela Grant, a qualified Stretchworks teacher. Class information found here in 'locations and timetables'.

For more detailed information about Stretchworks please visit: www.stretchworks.co.uk

What to bring: yoga mat, small block, towel (optional). Angela can provide blocks.

What to wear: comfortable clothing (loose or fitted) you can stretch in and socks.

Modern & Tap, Musical Theatre

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